The Interfaith Family School
120 Desplaines Street
Chicago, IL 60661

4th Grade
History and Heroes

This year focuses on mastery of key content in Biblical Literacy. It is not enough to teach our children that “We’re Jewish,” and “We’re Catholic.” Our children also need to know some major players who lead us to today. Before they can learn about religious history and what pulled our religions apart, we need to teach them about our ancient ancestors: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel and all their descendants.

Sample Classes:
The Patriarchs & Matriarchs, The Heroes in Exile (Jacob, Joseph), Moses & the Exodus: From Slavery to Freedom, Moses & the Exodus: From the Desert to the Promised Land, Hearing God’s Call to Serve (Samuel, Ruth), Isaiah: a Prophet and his Legacy, A Voice Cries in the Wilderness (John the Baptist). Saying “Yes” to New Life (Mary), Jesus the Man, The Disciples.