The Interfaith Family School
120 Desplaines Street
Chicago, IL 60661

7th Grade
A Time to Heal

By this point the students know that there have been problems between the two faiths in the past and in the present, but they do not fully know why. The curriculum does not try to make the students historical scholars, but rather provides a cursory understanding of relevant historical events. It encourages them to imagine how they might respond if they were living in each historical period. Most importantly, we want them to make connections, and relate the experiences of the past to modern times or their own lives. By doing this, they can begin to explore and examine their own personal feelings about the current relationship between Catholics and Jews, and probe their own maturing connections to faith traditions.

Sample Classes:
Tikkun Olam (Healing the World) and Building the Kingdom of God, The Rise of Islam & the Jews’ Golden Age in Spain, Feudalism in the Middle Ages & the Age of Christian Scholars, The Inquisition, The Renaissance, Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, Jewish Mysticism, My Own Family’s Immigration Story, Catholic and Jewish Immigration to America, The Holocaust, The State of Israel, Ecumenism: Second Vatican Council and Interfaith Relations Today.