The Interfaith Family School
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Bat and Bar Mitzvah

"Interfaith marriage has absolutely expanded my horizons. As a Jew, I also would not have taken the time to learn so much about Catholicism and the New Testament. Most of all, if I had been sending my child to a regular temple, I would not have become a Bat Mitzvah together with my daughter this past June."
– Carolyn, Parent

A number of families have chosen to celebrate their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah. This is done individually, with preparation tutoring that the family arranges outside the school, working closely with either a Rabbi affiliated with family school or with another Rabbi and congregation. Family School provides support for and encourages our students participation in Tikkum Olum and or a Mitzvah project. Student's wishing to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah are also encouraged to enroll in the Family School Hebrew Program. Often, as a rabbi leads the ceremony, a priest participates as an honored contributor to the blessing of this moment.