The Interfaith Family School
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Chicago, IL 60661

First Holy Communion

"We have learned to respect differences between each of our choices. Some of us have had a First Communion and a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Others have made different choices, or are still thinking about those issues. We accept that faith is a private journey that each person makes with their family."
– Elena, Class of 2006

When their children are second-graders or older, some families choose to join together in a program that culminates in a celebration of their children’s First Holy Communion. Preparation classes take place after regular Family School classes beginning in January, and the celebration usually takes place in April. While the program is organized independently of Family School and not part of the curriculum, it is a cooperative effort that is very much in the spirit of the school. Developed by Fr. John Cusick and Rabbi Allen Secher, the celebration is a special Mass that celebrates this moment, presided by Fr. John, with Rabbi Chava participating. The scripture readings in the Mass are modeled after a Seder, to directly echo the elements of the Last Supper.