The Interfaith Family School
120 Desplaines Street
Chicago, IL 60661

An Interfaith Community

"I can only say that I am all the richer for standing shoulder-to-shoulder all these years with this amazing group of fellow travelers. Travelers for whom the passport is an open, probing mind."
– Michael, Class of 2006


The Family School was founded in 1993 by seven Chicago-area families of Catholic Jewish intermarriage. Since its inception, the Family School has graduated over 140 children of interfaith families. The school is a community of children and adults who acknowledge that both Judaism and Catholicism are meaningful ways to find God.

The Family School program provides a foundation for Jewish and Catholic faith as children grow into adults. Students who have graduated and chosen to reflect on their experience describe a sense of confidence and self realization about their combined heritage, traditions, history and values. Parents have also described the value of the school for their families.

As part of our community, the Couples Dialogue Group welcomes couples of different faiths (seriously dating, engaged or married) to connect with each other and explore their relationship to religion. And in the Early Childhood School interfaith families who are expecting or who have children younger than school age can discover a welcoming community that supports interfaith education.

To learn more about The Family School, we invite you to explore our website, our brochure and an article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune.