The Interfaith Family School
120 Desplaines Street
Chicago, IL 60661

In Parents' Words

"I know, through and through, that what we’ve grown here are children whose very souls have already been stretched and textured far more complexly, far more wisely, than your ordinary 8th grader who turned the standard pages and memorized the answers."
– Barbara, parent


"Family School has been an amazing place for our whole family. Not only have we been positively challenged to examine both religions, we have also come across a group of individuals who collectively have shown us that just about anything is possible."
– Carolyn and Steve, parents

"Our children and the children of Family School have taught us that there is much wisdom to be gained by listening to them. What good have we done if we only lead these beautiful children to water and not watch the way or how much they drink, and to listen to what they think about the water in the first place?"
– Susan and Jay, parents

"The Family School has provided a sense of religious identity for our children to share with other interfaith children. The sense of community has been a source of acceptance and ease with others who have made similar choices."
– Diane and Dan, parents

"Family School is not just a way of teaching your kids. It's a community of fellow travelers on this uncharted journey. As new as it is, it’s an institution. You can't imagine life without it, and that says a lot about its success."
– Blair and Barbara, parents

"We enjoy being around the families at the school. We have really come to appreciate the fact that others (guess there is comfort in numbers) are in the same boat as we are and struggle through the same many issues as we have. It has provided us with a feeling of belonging and a better comfort in our family in handling our religions. Our children seem to have a much better understanding and appreciation for their religions and it helps them to know others are in the same position."
– Al and Sue, parents

"We have learned to follow our hearts, and to do the right thing. We always hoped to give our kids a solid foundation in both faiths and I think we have done that. Our children are kind and compassionate and open to all walks of life."
– Meg and Greg, parents