The Interfaith Family School
120 Desplaines Street
Chicago, IL 60661

Service Learning Programs

"Not only did I learn about religion in Family School, but I also learned how to live a good, meaningful life. Just last week, our class visited a shelter to serve food to the homeless. I felt fortunate and grateful for what I had. Countless other times throughout my Family School career, I learned lessons similar to this."
– Matt, Class of 2007

Both of our faith traditions teach about the importance of serving others. At the Family School, Service Learning projects take place at all grade levels on an extra-curricular basis, and are part of the curriculum of several grades.

Whether it is stocking food pantries, wrapping holiday gifts for the poor, serving meals at homeless shelters, sponsoring refugee families, or collecting supplies for women’s shelters, the Family School families come together throughout the year in the spirit of service, bringing into focus the many needs—especially local needs—that so often seem to reside just outside of our periphery.