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The Family School

Chicago's Jewish Catholic Interfaith Community

Our Story

In 1993, seven Chicago-area families with Catholic-Jewish interfaith bagkrounds recognized the need for a K-8th grade religious education program rooted in the rich tapestry of traditions and values that each faith brings. Over three decades, our independent, cooperative, parent-taught school has evolved into a thriving community encompassing both couples and families with children of all age groups.

We also welcome those who were raised with other Christian traditions, or in interfaith homes themselves, or with no religion. We may see questions of faith in different ways, but we all acknowledge that both Judaism and Christianity offer meaningful ways to find God.

The Family School: 

Recognizes the rich tapestry of traditions, beliefs and values that each faith brings

Strives to create a nurturing and inclusive environment

Has parents take an active role in teaching

Builds an interfaith community spanning couples through to 8th grade parents

Our Programs

We are an independent, non-profit religious school and community, run by our members. We meet on the campus of Old St. Patrick's Church in downtown Chicago. Our school offers a variety of weekend based programs, primarily in Francis Xavier Warde School, 120 S. Desplaines St. 

Ready to navigate your religious future together as an interfaith couple?

 Starting out as an interfaith family? Join other Pre-K families to learn more.

Want your child(ren) to understand the teachings and traditions of both religions?

Looking for open dialogue, shared experiences and and practical advice?

Want to prepare for First Holy Communion as part of an interfaith family?

Is it time for your child to start learning the basics of Hebrew?

Our Clergy also provide spiritual leadership and guidance, and support for major life events including Weddings, Baptisms/Baby Namings, First Communion, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, and Funerals.

Leaps of Faiths Documentary

Faith tests love. Love tests faith. 

This documentary, which premiered on WTTW Chicago and at the Chicago Jewish Film Festival, traces the different pathways interfaith couples and families take. It explores the Family School and our sister school in Mount Prospect, the Union School. 

What our students and their parents say about the Family School

Upon graduation, many 8th graders describe a sense of confidence and self-realization from learning about their combined heritage, traditions, histories and values and look foward to their next steps on their religious and spiritual journeys. Parents have also described why they value the school as a non-judgemental place to explore both of their faith traditions more deeply. 

  • "Family School has been a place to reflect upon the week, learn the history of my ancestors, and remember what is right and what is wrong. My parents taught me dedication, commitment, morals, and values. Family School nurtured those traits and also helped me find my identity. I have learned who I am thanks to Family School, and that as an interfaith kid, I’m not alone."


    8th Grader


Ready to embark on a journey of shared learning, respect, and mutual enrichment?

We welcome all families, whatever choices they make for their religous lives and regardless of their prior religious experiences. If you’re interested in learning more or have questions, email us today and we’d be happy to chat about how we celebrate diversity, promote understanding, and build bridges between the Jewish and Catholic faiths.

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