Frequently Asked Questions

Is this school run by a particular church, temple or clergy?

No. The Family School is an independent organization. We are lucky to be hosted by Old St. Patrick's Church and to have Clergy that are active with our community and support Our Mission.

When do classes meet and how often?

Our school year runs from September through May. On average, we meet every 2 weeks with adjustments around holidays. Our school day is Sunday with classes running from 9:30AM to 10:30AM. Some weeks may have extended hours for special events (community service, High Holiday service, Easter Service, etc). Our extra curricular classes (Hebrew, First Communion) meet immediately following the K-8th classes for approximately 45 minutes.

Who teaches the classes?

A core element of The Family School is the Family. Parents in K-6th grade classes sign up to teach several times a year using school provided curriculum. Parents often say they learn just as much, if not more, as the students.

Professional teachers provide the 7th and 8th grade education to deliver the more advance topics (e.g. Social Justice).

What is the cost of the Family School?

As The Family School is a volunteer run organization, we are able to keep our costs as low as possible. We also believe that when you join, you are participating in a family education. 

The Family School charges a annual single family fee to access core programing (K-8 Education and Adult Education). The family fee for 2023-2024 was $600 for all members of the family. First Holy Communion and Hebrew school are supplementary fees for those that participate. There is no charge for joining the Couples Group. 

For more details, please see our Registration site.

Does the Family School offer Baby Naming and Baptism?

The Family School provides an opportunity for its members to participate in a single service celebrating the welcoming of their child into their dual faith communities. While some parents choose to participate with a newly born baby, this option is also open to older children. A preparation session is required for the parents. The Family School coordinates the site of the ceremony along with services of a priest for a Catholic baptism and a rabbi for a Jewish baby naming. This service requires a separate fee from the regular tuition of the school. 

Where can I park?

Free parking is available on Sundays in the garage of 625 W. Adams (enter on Desplaines St.).

Are there any other Jewish Catholic Interfaith religious education programs in Chicagoland?

Union School for Interfaith Families, is hosted at St. Raymond de Penafort Catholic Church in Mt. Prospect, IL. They meet twice a month on Sunday mornings from September through May.  

Started in 2005, the Union School is based on the model and curriculum originally created by the Chicago Interfaith Family School.

Other questions?

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Adult Education Session Highlights

A sampling of discussions at Adult Education available on our YouTube channel.

Jewish Funerals for Interfaith Families

David Jacobson of Chicago Jewish Funerals describes the hows and whys, with reference to interfaith families - introduced by David Kovacs (1/14/23, Audio Only)

Rites of Passage for Interfaith Families 

Rabbi Evan Moffic and Fr. Pat McGrath discuss their views on life events of both faiths - moderated by Niamh Whelan-Reiter (10/29/23).

The Israel-Gaza War after Three Weeks

Just after the start of the war, Rabbi Evan Moffic and Fr. Pat McGrath discuss its implications as religious leaders - moderated by Niamh Whelan-Reiter (10/29/23)

The Israel-Gaza War after Three Months

Rabbi Evan Moffic revisits this topic with Fr. Tom Hurley after three months of the war - moderated by Niamh Whelan-Reiter (1/28/23, Audio Only)  

Highlights of our Violins of Hope
event at Old St. Patrick’s Church 

Memorable moments from a concert of music by Jewish composers who died in the Holocaust, performed on rescued and restored instruments of Jewish musicians from Theresienstadt.

The full performance can be found on the Family School YouTube page .

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