Couples Dialogue

Designed for interfaith couples who are seriously dating, engaged or married, the Couples Dialogue group provides an open forum for dialogue and fostering community to connect with each other and explore their relationship with religion.

Our goal is to tackle the important conversations many of us navigate: opening hearts and minds to other faiths and traditions, engaging with organized religious communities, and planning important life milestones such as marriage and welcoming children. 

Early Childhood

Offered in parallel to our main Sunday morning curriculum, our Early Childhood School offers a solid foundation for religious education tailored to families with preschool-age children along with opportunities to meet and network with other families with young children. 

K-8 Religious Education

We provide bi-monthly Sunday morning classes where children can explore and learn about the stories, spiritualities and histories of both of our faiths. K-6th grade classes are led by parents, enabling everyone to deepen their understanding of both Judaism and Catholicism. 

The Family School is built on a Catholic and Jewish curriculum and our religious discussions often focus on these faiths. However, we welcome families of all faith backgrounds and especially believe those of other Christian denominations will find the curriculum and our discussions relevant to their own journeys. 

Adult Education

While their children are in class, adults who are not teaching participate in the school's adult education series. Some sessions offer speakers on a variety of topics, from life events to current affairs. Others are interactive sessions enabling members of the community to meet in small groups and get to know one another better. A highlight of each year is the 8th Grade Panel in the Spring, when graduating students reflect on their experiences in Family School and take questions from parents. Access to adult education sessions is complementary with K-8 religious education registration.

First Holy Communion

When their children are second-graders or older, some families choose to join together in a program that culminates in a celebration of their child's First Holy Communion. Preparation classes take place after regular Family School classes, beginining in January and ending with the serice in late April or early May. The First Communion preparation curriculum and service are organized in cooperation of The Family School and Family Ministry of Old St. Pat's. Following in the spirit of the school, the service is co-presided by a priest and a rabbi.

Hebrew School

Multiple levels of Hebrew classes are offered to Family School students as an optional, extra-curricular activity that take place after regular classes, and taught by Family School parents. The goal of the program is to provide the student with the ability to participate in Jewish services, and can be initial preparation for later Hebrew studies toward a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Register for this course as an add on to the K-8 Registration.

Our Fee Structure

As The Family School is a volunteer run organization, we are able to keep our costs as low as possible. We also believe that when you join, you are participating in a family education. The Family School charges a annual single family fee to access core programing (K-8 Education and Adult Education). The fee in 2023-24 was $600 per family.

First Holy Communion and Hebrew school are supplementary fees for those that participate. There is no charge for joining the Couples Group. Current year fees are visible in the registration process.

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